How to Earn Residual Income Online with Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s talk about how to earn residual income online.earn residual income

Residual income is income that comes in on a monthly basis from a steady client.  Your electric company, your cell phone company, your local fitness gym and your premium cable TV company all earn residual income from you.

As long as you consume their product or service every month, they will continue to get paid by you every month.

All MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies run on this business model.

From a company’s perspective, it’s the ultimate way to make money. Think about it, as the company’s customer list grows, so does their monthly income.

As you can see businesses love this income producing strategy because their customers continue to pay them month after month.

4 Steps to Help You Earn Residual Income Online

If you follow these 4 steps you’ll be on your way to earning residual income online.

1) Chose a Niche you’re Familiar with and are Passionate About  

It’s so much easier to sell something in a field you enjoy.  It’s your passion that will make building your online business easier.  Try NOT to chose a residual income paying product JUST because you want to make money from it.  In other words, if you wouldn’t buy the product yourself it’s hard to try and convince some else to.

2) Find a Residual Income Paying Company 

If you want to earn residual income online, you have two options.

You could join any MLM opportunity or an affiliate program that pays residual income.

However, there is a bit of a catch.

Most MLM’s or affiliate programs that pay residual income don’t teach you how to promote their product.  All they do is give you their product to sell and it’s ALL up to you to figure it out how to sell it.

With that said, be sure you pick a company that

Personally I’d rather promote an affiliate program over an MLM opportunity to earn residual income but that’s up to you.   

3) Build a Website Around your Product

If you don’t plan on building your own website about your product or company then you won’t be able to present your product to your potential buyers.

4) Create Useful Content

This is important.  Start creating as much content as you can about your residual income paying product.  The more content you create,  the more free generic search engine traffic you will generate.

This is the secret to making sales for life.

Creating content is KING with any online business.  Master this and you will have a business that thrives.

If you are having trouble creating useful content about your product then maybe you should find a different niche, with a different product from a different company.

If you follow the 4 steps I mentioned above your chances for success will increase.

How I Earn Residual Income Promoting a Product I Love

I promote an AFFILIATE company that ENABLES ME to hit two birds with one stone.

Not only does my company pay me residual income for referring others but it ALSO teaches me how to build a real online business. 

More importantly, I actually USE the product I promote.  This helps when selling your product.

3 reasons why I promote this company.

  • Taught how to built this exact website so I could promote their product.
  • Also taught me how to generate free traffic to this website so I can earn residual income checks for life.
  • Gave me the perfect product to sell so I earn residual income.

It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.  No OTHER residual income paying company does this.

If you have a better opportunity than this please post it below.  I’d love to take a look at it.

The company I use is Wealthy Affiliate. (WA)


Because I USE IT and I know millions of online entrepreneurs around the world, NEED their product.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate residual income paying company online today.  They have well over 1.4 MILLION members worldwide from over 19: countries.

I strongly believe especially because of the pandemic that the numbers of people that want to start online businesses, is going to sky rocket.

earn residual income

Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best residual income paying company online today.

It’s much different for all other residual income opportunities.

The best part is that if you follow their training, you will learn how to be a real online affiliate marketer.   This way can literally promote ANY residual income affiliate program you want.

So if you you are involved in another affiliate program or MLM opportunity and aren’t earning residual income then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

You see, there is no secret when it comes to earning residual income online.

There are plenty of companies that pay residual income, you just have to find the one that works for you.

I got lucky because I found WA.

Everything I’m telling you and showing you on this page I learned from WA.

I’m applying everything they taught me and I’m getting amazing results every day.

Wealthy Affiliate Pays $22.50 Residual Income Checks

All online marketers NEED Wealthy Affiliate if they want to build successful online businesses.

Since I use the WA service it’s easy for me to recommend it to other people. 

Wealthy Affiliate pays me $22.50 residual income checks for every sale I make.  I promote other products online with this website but I MOSTLY promote Wealthy Affiliate because I love it.

Like I mentioned above, I’m a proud paying member of their service.

I pay $49 per month for my entire online business.

That’s EVERYTHING.   I have ZERO advertising COSTS.

Wealthy Affiliate gives me everything I need in order to succeed online.

WA is well worth every penny!

I must admit when I first saw the $47 per month membership fee for Wealthy Affiliate I thought it was a little too expensive for my budget.

But after I did some research and saw what I got with my membership I was blown away.

Just the affiliate marketing training ALONE was worth the $49.

I seriously must say, I couldn’t have built this website without the tools and training Wealthy Affiliate has provided for me.

There are cheaper ways to build a website but a cheap website hosting plan won’t get you too far with building a real online business.  In order to build a great online business you need to know how to set up a fast, safe and secure website and you need to learn how to generate real free search engine traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate both of those things.

The reason I joined was because I realized that I absolutely needed a website and web hosting, there’s was no way around that.   Wealthy Affiliate gave me both.

It’s an honest legitimate company that’s been around since 2003 and they’re here to stay.

That says a lot about a company!  It’s hard to find a rock solid company like Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program truly is the ultimate residual income producing business.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

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