Make Money Blogging- The Dos and Don’ts to Your Success

Let’s talk about how to make money blogging. Make Money Blogging

There are many people that TRY to make money with a blog but don’t succeed.

I know because I was one of them.

Right now I want to go over 4 dos and don’ts that will help you succeed at making money with a blog.

Did you know that most small businesses fail?

Having an blog business is no different.

I must  admit, it’s not easy being in business.  I have my own house and office cleaning business and it’s not super easy to succeed.

I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and it’s still not easy.  It’s years of making mistakes and learning from those mistakes that has helped me improve my business for the better.

When it comes to blogging, you’re going to make mistakes along the way.  It’s up to you to learn from your mistakes and make adjustments. 

You can succeed if you want to make money blogging.

You just have to do a little every day and work at it.

I believe many people go into starting a blog ONLY focused on making money and not so much on creating something amazing.

Because of that they set themselves up for failure.

Making money with a blog is a real business that has unlimited potential if go about it with the right attitude.

I strongly believe a blog has better income potential than a typical expensive mom and pop business.  However, it does takes time, effort and patients to set it up and get the ball rolling.

If you want your blog to grow you have to keep improving your website on a daily basis.  Having some kind of affiliate marketing training can make a HUGE difference as well.

For many years I tried to make extra money online but I never succeeded.  Every year I’d join another new online opportunity and I’d fail miserably.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate, that I realize there was so much more when starting a blog.

That’s when I finally found success at making money with a blog.

4 Do’s and Don’t to Make Money Blogging

1) Don’t Make Your Purpose for Money ONLY

OK, let me rephrase that.

It’s good to have the dream of making great money from your blog but don’t make it your ONLY focus.

Don’t do this, you’ll set yourself up for failure.  In other words, start your blog with the purpose of providing quality content for your readers.  If your sole purpose is money, you’ll find, you won’t be able to create a lot of great content.

That’s why it’s extremely important to pick something you absolutely love to talk about.

The more you love your subject, the more your enthusiasm will shine through in your writing.  Plus your readers will notice it.

When your love for your subject is strong, it’ll be easier to write.

The bottom line is that if you focus on quality and not so much on the money, the money will EVENTUALLY come effortlessly.

2) Do Build a Good Website

Have you ever seen a clunky website?

I know not every blog is perfect but some blogs look better than others.  If your website is slow or unorganized, your visitors will click away as quickly as possible.

You have to build a good website.

Think about it, the more appealing your website looks, the longer your web visitors will want to stay and read your information.

My blog isn’t perfect but I always try to keep it looking neat and simple.  Having too many images or too many ads can cause it to run slowly.

This takes a little practice but with time it gets easier. If you can build one good page then you can build many good pages.

Building a lot of good content pages that look nice, will help you succeed at making money with a blog.

3) Do Create A lot of Useful Content

You must be able to write a lot of great information about your subject.

Obviously this is going to take time but that’s OK.

Could you keep writing and providing good content to your visitors for years with no problem?

If you CAN’T, then you might want to consider a new niche.

I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just telling you what’s involved.

Many people think they can succeed at making money with a blog with just a few pages of content.

A few pages of content, might get you a few sales but it won’t enable you to produce an income.

It’s the effort you put into your blog that will determine your income.  More effort equal more success.

4) Don’t Quit

You must persevere.  You must NOT quit even if you don’t get results right away.  I can guarantee you won’t make money right away.  It takes time.

Let me tell you what happens with many newbie bloggers.

They always start out strong and write a few good pages of useful content.  But as a few weeks go by, they run out of things to write about so they give up and quit.

You can’t quit.  Just keep going, keep writing your content and eventually you will get results.  So many people give up too soon.

I promise you, if you continue to create more and more pages of your niche topic, results will come.  You just have to keep pushing forward.

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