What is the Best Autoresponder?

Before we talk about what is the best autoresponder, let’s go into more detail about an autoresponder.What is the Best Autoresponder

Firstly, what is an email autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is an online marketing tool that collects a prospect’s email address and reply’s to that prospect through email automatically at various daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

An email autoresponder basically keeps in contact with your potential customer encouraging that person to purchase your product.

It usually offers something of value to your prospect in exchange for their email address.

For example, you could give them more information, a newsletter, a free report or even an ebook you create yourself.

Whatever you decide to offer, it’s all good.

One major advantage of an autoresponder is that it continues to follow up with your potential customer.  In the meantime, you get to continue working on other things for your website.

It is a fact that the key to making more sales in any business is to follow-up with your prospects.  This is why the most successful sales people in the world spend a lot of time following up with prospects.

They constantly have to make more sales calls, mail out postcard reminders, brochures reminders or go through their list of contacts to see who they haven’t talked to for a while.

In other words, an email autoresponder takes care of all the follow up for you plus it’s all done automatically.

It’s a simple yet powerful online marketing tool for anyone wanting to build a huge organized list of potential paying customers.

Secondly, Why do you Need the Best Autoresponder?

They say it takes an average of 7 different contacts to actually make a sale.

If you don’t continue to keep following up with your prospects on a regular basis you will be losing potential sales.

As your online business list of prospects starts to grow it gets a little hectic tying to keep your list organized.  An email autoresponder does all the contacting, sorting, sifting and keeps things in order.

With your website running 24/7 and your visitors requesting information instantly it’s physically impossible for you to send your info instantly when people request it.  An autoresponder will do that for you.

It’s also will manage all of your prospects for you in one place.  It remembers when it sent your last sales letter, what that letter was about, and it can do all of this 24/7.

Here are the things an autoresponder can do for your online business.

  • Completely automate your sales letters.
  • Build, manage, and help you profit from your contact list.
  • Broadcast special offers or announcements to your list.
  • Remotely update your sales letters any time you wish.
  • Instantly test ad copy or special offers for your prospects.

An autoresponder can do all of this and more.

It runs 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… whether you are at the office, taking a nap, on vacation, or just enjoying some quality time with your family at home.

Your autoresponder never sleeps.

It never takes a break.

Thirdly, What can the Best Autoresponder do for your Online Business?

Because you are able to generate more leads for your business and more efficiently manage your follow up, you will have more time to develop and fine tune your ad copy.

You’ll be able to spend time with family or friends, or even develop new product lines and marketing approaches for your online business.

Here are just a few things you can do with a Autoresponder:

Automate Your Sales Letters
Training Messages for Your Prospects
Promote any Business Opportunity
Publish an Ezine
Deliver a Newsletter
Distribute Product Information
Build Your Contact List
Broadcast Your Special Offer
Mailing List Manager
Network Marketing (MLM)

Fourthly, How Much Does an Autoresponder Cost?

There are a many good autoresponder companies out there.  Prices usually range from $15 to $20 per month.  Each one has different prices and functionalities but overall they do the exact same thing. That is, collect prospect email addresses, send messages to those prospects and help you convert more prospects into sales.

You will find that most of the email autoresponder companies charge more when your list grows.  That’s just the cost of doing business with them.

On the positive side,  if your list keeps growing, most likely you’ll be earning more money so that little extra charge shouldn’t effect your profits.

Finally, What is The Best Autoresponders Available Online Today

Here are 2 honest and reliable email autoresponder companies to choose from.



Check them out and see which one works best for you and your online business.

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