What to Blog About to Make Money

If you don’t know what to blog about to make money, don’t get discouraged.

With a little thought and some brainstorming, you’ll be able to find your own personal niche that will enable you to create your perfect blog.

What to Blog About to Make Money

So what exactly is a niche?

An niche is just another name for a targeted group of people.  A  market or audience.

That’s all it is.  It’s nothing complicated.

With the millions of websites already online, you may think the competition is much too great.

That just isn’t so.

You can still make money online in a niche somebody already has, you just have to know how to go about it.

In order to build a great niche business, you must come up with your own unique, original content website.

Yes, there are plenty of similar niche content websites online however, not one of them is exactly the same as yours.

It’s your uniqueness that will set you apart from the rest.

If you create your own unique niche website around your subject and add your own personal touch, you can succeed and make money.

Before You Decide What to Blog About

1)  Make Sure Your Niche is Not too Large

In other words, don’t chose a market so large the competition is overwhelming.

The more focused your subject, the easier it will be for you to rank better with the search engines.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you like the subject ‘gardening.’

If you picked ‘gardening’ as your niche topic, it’s going to be extra hard to generate traffic to your website.


Because ‘gardening’ is such a competitive market.

In other words, that market is enormous.  Especially for a beginner.

You would be competing with hundreds of other gardening websites.  Websites that have been around for years and years before you.

So what can you do about this?

Just dig a little deeper and see if you can find a smaller niche topic.  Something a little less competitive.

Like ‘Organic Gardening’ or ‘Organic Gardening for Beginners.’

You see, the more focused your niche idea, the less competition there will be for you to rank higher in the search engines.

Higher search engine rankings result in easier website traffic.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you absolutely love a large niche subject like ‘gardening’ and really want to make it your niche website topic then go for it.

Just be aware of the competition you’ll be up against.

I’m not saying it can’t be done.

You’ll just have to work harder to get decent search engine rankings.

Being passionate about your subject is most important when building your online business.

2)  Make Sure You Can Sell Products In Your Niche

This is something to think about as well.

If there aren’t any products to sell in your niche, you might want to choose a different niche.

So be sure there are at least a few good products to sell to your audience around your niche.

What to Blog About to Make Money

Find Your Passion, Find Your Niche

Many online marketers believe that you should only build websites around niche topics that are already known to be profitable.

There is some truth in.

If you know a particular niche is already profitable and you really love that niche, then that’s the way to go.

In my opinion and most importantly, your niche topic should be something you are truly passionate about.

If you don’t like your niche topic then don’t let that be your niche.  It doesn’t make any sense to build a business around something you don’t enjoy or know anything about.

With that said, you really need to think about what your are truly passionate about?

If you’re really good at something then you have the makings for a successful online business.

Oh come on, you know you are good at something!

Your website can be about something you’re good at.

Everyone enjoys something or is good at something in their life!!

You might not be aware of it yet, but you are gifted in ‘something’ and there are people from around the world that are interested in reading about ‘your something.’

Your website business can be built around anything you enjoy.

If you like “gardening” then it can be about “gardening.”

If you like “golfing,” then it can be about “golfing.”

Whatever you want it to be about, it can be.  It doesn’t matter, it’s all about what you like.

It’s all about ‘YOU’ and what you want it to be.

What Are You Good At?

  • Do you have any hobbies?  Hobbies can be great niche websites.
  • What do you do in your spare time?  Do you like sports, electronics, computers or cars? What about shopping or fixing things?
  • What are you educated in?  Did you have any special education in a particular field?  Can you show people how to do something?
  • Do you like to review products or give advice to people on how they can save money?

If You Still Can’t Figure Out What to Blog About

Don’t get discouraged and quit if you can’t figure out what you want to build your niche website about right away.

I must admit, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to build my website about.  But eventually it came to me.

So keep thinking, it will come.

Here’s a Good Tip

Ask your friends or family what they think you’re good at.  I’m sure they could easily tell you what they thought you were good at.  They might even give you ideas, you never even though of.

And last but not least, if you still can’t come up with something you are truly passionate about go check out dmoztools.net  This is just a simple directory that can help you narrow down your niche to get your creative mind thinking.

Obviously, this directory isn’t perfect but it gives you various categories to choose from.

Start from the main page and click on a ‘broad subject category.  Remember, those broad categories might be tough to build business around especially as a beginning marketer.  So keep clicking until you find a smaller niche.

Keep in mind, there are thousands of subjects that aren’t shown in this directory but maybe it will lead to another topic that interests you.

The more you narrow it down, to a specific targeted topic, the easier it will be to build a traffic producing website around.

Like a said before, No traffic = No Sales

Websites That Give You Ideas on What to Blog About

Here are some great websites to give you more ideas on What to Blog About to Make Money.

  • Amazon.com is a great place to find niches. Click on each category and thousands of products will pop out at you.  Each group of products are great niches to choose from.
  • Dummies.com does all the hard work for you. They only write books around niches that sell. Each and every book is a niche market. Pick one you like.
  • Answers.com has categories to choose from. Each one of those categories can give you ideas for a niche topic that interests you.
  • Google.com search engine can help you find a great niche markets.
  • Magazines.com is another great place to uncover some great niche markets. Each magazine is designed for a specific niche.


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